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The Heat Wave

John Derby
John Derby

There is no use complaining as the heat, which we are used to having at this time in the Central Valley, is here.

It seems hotter than usual because we have had such a wonderful mild summer thus far; however, we live in a high desert and nothing will change. Planting all the grass and trees will keep the dust and wind from blowing like it once did; however, we have what we have, and we need to learn to live with it.

We can be in any weather we want by just driving for two hours in any direction. Last weekend we chose the Bay Area where we had to put on a sweat shirt on Saturday morning. The temperature was 64 when we woke up on our sailboat.  Other people from the valley were there too and the boat captain near ours from Atwater was taking out groups on his boat.

The mountains are nice and the beaches wonderful. You can have it any way you like.

It is not like in other states where you can not run and hide from the weather. Our weather is manageable, most of the time, and this year it is better than most other years because of the rainfall and snow in the mountains. This year the skies are clearer. Maybe it has something to do with the wind in the valley. If there is no wind, then moving the bad air from the valley is a problem.

Our valley has beautiful lakes, and for the first time in decades, they are full. McClure, Don Pedro, McSwain and Yosemite all invite us to cool off and enjoy their water sports and fishing.

Adjusting the time one decides to do their outside work, can be the answer. It is cool in the night and early morning in our valley. Get up earlier or stay up later. Take a siesta in the afternoon like they do in Europe or Mexico. Those people are not so foolish as to work in the hot noonday sun.

California is still the Garden of Eden and there is no place like it in the United States. Yes, Florida has no taxes, but look at the weather they have to deal with, especially in the summer. Las Vegas has no taxes too, but look at how hot it gets. One time we visited family in Los Vegas and we could not touch the doorknob of the room because it was facing the sun.

Without the heat in California’s Central Valley, we would not be the bread basket of the world and provide food for most of the United States. This climate is special. Almonds do not like growing in most of the other parts of the world.  The sandy soil and weather make it perfect for sweet potatoes and strawberries. A California watermelon is the best.

What we need is an attitude change. The heat in the valley is not our problem. The bad air is the problem, and we have seen plenty of it in the past with the fires, vehicle exhaust and dust. We do need to do a better job of conserving our water. There is just not enough for all the people who want to live in California.

Since we are in high desert, the plants we have around our yards need to be drought tolerant. Zero landscapes should be considered when we develop. Some of these can be very beautiful if done correctly. We love cactus and palm trees.

As to the heat, well California is perfect for solar, and with solar, we can power the air conditioning in our homes.

We need to get away from reliance on manufactured power.

We need to reduce the number of vehicles on our roads and turn to mass transit of one kind or another.

We need to get out and walk or ride a bike for our own health.

Maybe our readers need to learn ways to “beat the heat” and quit complaining.

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