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Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey After College?

Brain Drain is a big problem for our valley communities. Many of our best students go off to college and never return. They find college sweethearts, high-paying jobs, more excitement, get married, and that is the last we see of them. It is like a curse. Here in the valley, we need the best and the brightest; however, all too often,…

A Sign Before The Times

"I used to own the place where you work," said the man at the Atwater Restore Store. "I am sorry you must be mistaken," I replied. “I know the complete history of the place where I have worked as a newspaperman for so many years. It was once a church — the First Presbyterian Church of Winton — and it was originally built in 1918 with the…

Are We Ready To Accept Afghans In Our Town?

The last figure we saw was over 65,000 Afghans were being flown out of Afghanistan to somewhere; however, it did not say where. Are we willing to have some of them live in our town? Many of us are Christian, God-fearing people. The right thing to do is to welcome them into our community and our homes. After all, they were there for the…

What Happens When Your Well Goes Dry?

This is the first time in my life I have had to depend on a well for my water, and I have been seriously thinking of letting my lawn go dry. However, it would be the only lawn on the whole block which would be dry. Then as fate would have it, the Saturday of July 4th weekend, I woke up, and there was no water. The well had gone dry. At…

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