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John Derby

The Heat Wave

There is no use complaining as the heat, which we are used to having at this time in the Central Valley, is here. It seems hotter than usual because we have had such a wonderful mild summer thus far; however, we live in a high desert and nothing will change. Planting all the grass and trees will keep the dust and wind from blowing like it…

Why Can’t We Follow The Lead Of UC Davis?

Editor’s note: The following is a continuation of last week’s editorial about what could and should be the proper bike paths for the city of Merced. Bicycling is the No. 1 mode of transportation at UC Davis, and the community strongly supports the safety of cyclists as they navigate through well-designed paths and routes. In Merced, we do…

Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey After College?

Brain Drain is a big problem for our valley communities. Many of our best students go off to college and never return. They find college sweethearts, high-paying jobs, more excitement, get married, and that is the last we see of them. It is like a curse. Here in the valley, we need the best and the brightest; however, all too often,…