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John Derby

I Love The Roundabouts

We were in England and the trains went on strike. It was bad enough to have to drive on the wrong side of the street; however, when we asked for instructions the man said: “Just go over the Flyover, and round the Roundabout, you'll find where you are going.” It was the first time we had ever driven a Roundabout and it was 1980. We had…

Colombia: The Big, Bad & The Beautiful

As we step on the plane to fly back to San Francisco, our mind is full of thoughts and impressions of Colombia. First and foremost is it is nothing like we expected. It is a world apart from a backward place previously known for being the world’s largest cocaine producer and a home to wealthy drug barons and cartel leaders. Next, it is far…

The Long, No-So-Hot Valley Summer Brings Folks Out

At the rate this summer is going, it could be rated as the "Not-So-Hot" summer. The weather man is certainly throwing some unusually beautiful weather at us, and in response, the people are showing up in large crowds at the county fairs and other special events. People are so tired of being cooped up from Covid, the weather just adds…