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‘Old World craftsman’ back in business on Main Street

I am not trying to give unfair business advantage to one person, or say anything about anyone anywhere who repairs watches. I call him Mr. Ortega. That would be what I would call him even if I knew his first name. Ortega’s Watch Repair is located at 741 W. Main Street, in downtown Merced across from McAuley Motors (free plug).…

Honeymoon Couple Just Made Stop In My Area Of Mexico

I spend almost every nice morning rowing my boat around beautiful Conception Bay, or Bahía Concepción, as it is known in Mexico, on the Gulf of California. For the last few trips, Sport, my Mexican rescue dog, just jumped right into the boat. We went over to a secluded beach and he ran up and down. The other day, I was taking him to the…

UC Merced, local community push ahead with determination

By JUAN SÁNCHEZ MUÑOZ When I was named UC Merced’s fourth chancellor in mid 2020, I knew the story of this great university — the battle for its creation here in the San Joaquin Valley, which engaged so many local business and civic leaders; the meteoric rise in national recognition; the remarkably unique public-private partnership that…

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