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I Love Marching Bands — and we have some good ones!

By Lee Pevsner When I was about 12 years old, I was in Redding, and happened to see a marching band going down the street. I wanted to be a snare drummer in a marching band. That was it! Fast forward a couple of years, and I am in Helena, Arkansas in the high school band playing snare drum in the marching band. This was a very good band.…

Stop and appreciate those scrapper-bound cars

It's always fun to check out cars — muscle cars, classic cars, modern cars, flat cars. Flat cars? Yes, my enjoyment of all things automotive extends to flattened cars laying forlornly on a flatbed truck, on their way to a junkyard or scrapyard. I get a kick out of seeing cars and trucks even in a pretty much unrecognizable form.…

Our Newsprint ‘Roll Ends’ Are Free For Teachers!

For years we have sold the roll ends of newsprint left over when they get too small to run on our printing press. They are great for art and craft projects, among other uses. Since we are the only newspaper company in Merced County which actually still prints its own newspaper, the roll ends around these parts are rare, and can’t be found…

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