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The War That Goes On Forever

It was Nov. 11 in 1959 when the Army trained me to be a medic. I had no idea I would end up in Korea as all but 10 percent of my class was sent off to Germany. I planned on seeing Europe, and enjoying my next two years in the military. Wrong! There was a reason why, the top 10 percent were being held back. Our job would be to take an…

‘ICE Out Of Merced’ wants answers

I am a member of ICE Out Of Merced — a coalition of non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, and community members working towards the protection of immigrant rights in Merced County. For over a year, I have been reaching out to Sheriff Warnke to engage in a dialogue about what the Sheriff is doing to make immigrants in our community…

How Did Vaping Slip Through The Cracks?

Normally, it would have taken years for a product like vaping to pass through the riggers to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Department; however, many felt it was the answer to getting people to quit smoking. Now the country is just starting to see the ugly head of the snake. The names and flavors of the products should…

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