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The Power of Positive Press

Snowbirds Head South But Damage Awaits Them

The weather is changing, and like all other snowbirds, we are getting ready to head south. Our home in Mexico is waiting for us, and it was hit by the recent hurricane, so we are not sure how much damage has been done to it. Pictures showed washed out roads and ponds of sitting water. Boat docks were torn up, but in Mexico this represents…

The Buy American Food Act

California farmers and food processors grow and produce a bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts utilizing the highest food safety, environmental and labor standards in the world. Consequently, the food produced is of the highest quality for consumers and a source of great pride for California farmers large and small. On January 25,…

The best ice cream in the entire world

By Hallie Billings This past holiday weekend, I went to Aptos with my family. It was amazing, all my little cousins and I went in the ocean together and my mom and I took a long walk on the beach, but the best part of that entire trip was getting ice cream. I know it may sound crazy, but Marianne’s Ice Cream in Seacliff is the best Ice Cream…

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