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Book signing at Barnes & Noble reveals intriguing story

A book signing event on Jan. 12 at Barnes & Noble, located at 1720 W. Olive Avenue in Merced, led many people to learn about an intriguing work of fiction, Nostalgic Blood, written by J. Crockett. As customers were asking for Crockett’s autograph on their copies of his book, they were enjoying chatting with him and hearing how…

Annual Pops Concert Celebrates American Jazz

On Friday, Jan. 17, at 7:30 p.m., Merced’s world-class symphony explores a vibrant chapter in America’s jazz legacy with its “Gershwin, Jazz & More!” performance showcasing favorites from composer George Gerswhin. This energetic concert also marks the return of Patrice Stribling Nelson and Jenni Samuelson to the Merced Theater…

Lor feeling upbeat about progress made

Despite facing three challengers in the March 3 election, Merced County Supervisor Lee Lor is confident she will be re-elected for her second four-year term. The 37-year-old Lor faces Ricky Aguilera, Angel Barragan and Josh Pedrozo in the spring primary. If no one gets a majority vote then, the top two will face each other in a November…

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