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‘Old World craftsman’ back in business on Main Street

I am not trying to give unfair business advantage to one person, or say anything about anyone anywhere who repairs watches. I call him Mr. Ortega. That would be what I would call him even if I knew his first name. Ortega’s Watch Repair is located at 741 W. Main Street, in downtown Merced across from McAuley Motors (free plug).…

South Merced community celebrates new public art

A new mural celebrating Dr. Martin King, Jr. was unveiled on Sunday, Feb. 21, at the Merced Food Center. The portrait of King, which is part of a greater mural featuring farm labor union leader, Cesar Chavez, was celebrated with free food and beverages from Sam's Cafe and the Merced Food Center. At 1 p.m., a car show was parked…

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