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Atwater High School holds annual Football Banquet

Atwater High School (AHS) held its annual Football Banquet to recognize players, coaches and parents on January 6th in the school cafeteria. By 6pm all of the tables the AHS Quarterback Club had set-up and decorated were full of parents, friends and football players. The banquet was held last this year due to teams going into playoffs…

Blue Devils defense overwhelms falling Comets

By Sean Lynch Special to the Times Few would fault Jaylen Tregle if he shied away from all numbers 40 for a little while. The Contra Costa quarterback was hit early and often by Merced College’s Chris Munoz (number 47), Luke Jenkins (44) and Davon Johnson (45) on Saturday afternoon. The defensive trio supplied constant pressure from all…

Experience Chinese culture, history and business

The Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce is again offering a unique opportunity to experience the Chinese culture, history and business. Through a partnership with Citslinc, International; the Chamber is offering a cost effective trip to China on Oct. 15-23, 2020. The trip includes stops in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou with…

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