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The Power of Positive Press


Consider what this community has faced in the span of only a week. The governments of Merced, Atwater and Merced County have all declared emergencies to help prepare for the coronavirus outbreak that’s spreading across the state. All elementary and high school campuses have shut down for at least a month, and thousands of…

COVID-19: Merced County Schools to Close

As a precautionary step to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and in consultation with Merced County school district leaders and health officials, local school officials are supporting a suspension of school operations in Merced County effective Thursday, March 19 through Friday, April 17. By closing effective Thursday, school officials hope to give…

Merced Tattoo Shop paves way for booming industry

The history of tattooing spans thousands of years, and can be seen across hundreds of cultures. From traditional practices of tattooing to the modern-day use of the electric tattoo machine, the idea of walking-art is one that has enticed many to participate in the process of permanently tattooing oneself with artistic designs and…

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