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Former Merced cop grows firm that offers crisis training

It happened this same week in late August back in 2006. Paul Llanez was an undercover cop in Merced when he was involved in a shootout with a suspect that left one officer injured. Afterward, Llanez realized a crucial truth about his job: In a high-stress situation, a person always defaults to their lowest level of training, which could mean…

Mercedians learn to guide, connect with their dogs

Have you ever wondered why your dogs react the way they do? Barking, pulling, and many other problems can confuse and frustrate many dog owners as they try to understand their furry companions. Ancestral Companions, a duo pet training team run by siblings Juan and Maria Luzuriaga, are here to help. They are the top-rated dog…

New US Foods CHEF’STORE to open in Merced

Calling Merced a growing community of restaurant owners, US Foods Holding Corp. announced this week a plan to open a new CHEF’STORE in Merced this fall. Located at 3275 R St. — the old In-Shape City building — the 19,000-square-feet CHEF’STORE will join 15 existing CHEF’STORE locations across California, according to a company press release.…

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