Merced County Times Newspaper
The Power of Positive Press

Santa Arrives At The Merced Mall!

Old Saint Nick made his first appearance at Merced Mall on Saturday, Nov. 20, just in time for the start of the holiday season. As is tradition, Santa arrived by way of a ride from the Merced Fire Department's firetruck. He was greeted by young Dancing Elves from Denisa's School of Dance who escorted him through the Mall's main…

Emotions rage during an epic Council meeting

More than five hours into the longest Merced City Council meeting of the year, Mayor Matthew Serratto on Monday night appeared as if he had the weight of the local world on his shoulders. It was exactly a year ago this week when Serratto was elected to the Merced’s top post with a desire to bring the city together. His rise came along with the…

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