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The Power of Positive Press


John Derby

Currently retired and living on the shores of Mexico, John Derby…

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Jonathan Whitaker

Jonathan Whitaker serves as the Chief Editor for Mid Valley…

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John Miller

John Miller works with Mid Valley Publications' Merced County…

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Robert Quall

Bob Quall is a two-time USTA national champion, the co-head coach…

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Beverly Barela

Beverly Barela has worked alongside of Mid Valley Publications'…

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Tom Frazier

Tom Frazier is a local writer, columnist, photographer and…

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Doane Yawger

Doane Yawger of Merced is a semi-retired newspaper reporter and…

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Yanira Ledezma

Yanira Ledezma serves as a freelance writer and photographer for…

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Gwen Emens

Gwen Emens serves Mid Valley Publications at the Director of…

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