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From Ship to Shore


This is a war between Us and the Coronavirus.  What we need is a battle cry because our town and the country is in a life-or-death struggle.   There is an old saying that is attributed to Red Necks, but will suit this situation very well, and it is: “Hunker Down.” In most wars, we have had a battle cry to remind us of exactly…

How Did Vaping Slip Through The Cracks?

Normally, it would have taken years for a product like vaping to pass through the riggers to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Department; however, many felt it was the answer to getting people to quit smoking. Now the country is just starting to see the ugly head of the snake. The names and flavors of the products should…

Valley People Beat The Heat Boating On Bay

With the 100-plus heat of the valley, a lot of local people have found the San Francisco Bay is a perfect place to be. Gary Davis and his wife Amie are one local couple who use their boat in Alameda to get away from the heat. The cost is not as much as one might expect, between $200 and $300 a month depending on the size of the boat. In…

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