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Time To Get Rid Of Lawn Grass Here In The Valley

Our valley is looking at 41 percent of the normal rain fall this year, and yet we continue to water our beautiful grass lawns. Remember, this land we live on is semi-desert and with every passing year the water table keeps dropping lower and lower. What are we thinking? With the state demanding 40 percent of the river runoff, and the…

Beer Can Opener Caught The Fish

I am not sure why I kept the beer can opener. It was something the local Rotary handed out; however, I am not a beer drinker and had no reason to keep it. Still it was bright and shiny, and it seemed a shame to throw away, even though today, most beers are flip top and don’t need an opener. Somehow it ended up in my fishing gear box,…


This is a war between Us and the Coronavirus.  What we need is a battle cry because our town and the country is in a life-or-death struggle.   There is an old saying that is attributed to Red Necks, but will suit this situation very well, and it is: “Hunker Down.” In most wars, we have had a battle cry to remind us of exactly…

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