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Tourist Hotels Return To Life In Baja California

Years ago, the Mexican government thought they could make Baja California more of a tourist destination, and they built a string of beautiful hotels called La Quinta. The idea may have come from the wife of the president who was from Baja. Like many government projects, as time went by, the hotels deteriorated and were never properly…

A Case For Being Vaccinated

The wedding was planned for Sept. 18, and the groom had waited six years to marry his bride. The bride's father was reluctant to give his daughter in marriage to a young man who he felt would not provide his daughter with the type of living which she had been used to. The young man was in love and tried first one job and then another. He…

We Are At War Today Just As We Were In World War II

We do not know what it was like during World War II, only what we read in books; however, today must have many comparisons. First of all, the war went on and on and on. This country needed workers and the conditions were often difficult. People volunteered and made sacrifices. There were shortages and prices were high, with many things…

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