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From Ship to Shore

What Are We Going To Do With All This Water?

The view of Lake McClure as you drive past Horseshoe Bend is amazing. Never in our memory has the lake been this full of water. The river through Snelling is maxed out and far above its normal banks. The docks at Lake Yosemite are almost under water. The falls at Yosemite have never been so full, powering from the top of the mountains…

Where Has Our American Patriotism Gone?

There was a time when July 4th meant something different than it does today. You wonder if the old sentiments with regard to patriotism is vanishing for most of the country. It took the bombing of Pearl Harbor for us to remember there is a price to be paid for Freedom. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the young Americans lined up…

Wedding Bells Are Ringing All Over This World

We are in a different country; in a different world. We are attending the wedding of our grand niece who is marrying a man who was born in Colombia, South America. More than 50 people related to the bride or groom have converged on the town of Medellin, Columbia for the wedding. Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia, after…