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The Making Of A Mega Garage Sale For Students

There is a saying, “People tend to accumulate as much stuff as they have room for," and such is the case down here in Mexico, where there are literally dozens of garages full of things which have been brought down by Americans. Now, there have been garage sales in the past, and people who support the local fire department use them to raise…

CRACKY — The story of a near-sighted crab

Editor’s note: For nearly 30 years, Publisher John Derby, wrote one children's story a year at Christmas time, and his late wife Kathy compiled them into a book. It has been over a decade since he wrote his last story; however, he had one story of Cracky the Crab which was partly written and never completed. Recently, Derby…

Frankincense Found In Mexico, Not Far From Us

Who has not heard about the Three Wise Men who visited the Christ child in Bethlehem bringing gifts of "Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh"? Not far from our home in Mexico, the Boswellia Tree, which is where Frankincense comes from, is growing in the wild. A week ago, a lady was going to take a hike with other people in our area to find the…

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