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It’s Official: Supervisor Espinoza re-elected to District 1 seat after close race, final vote tally

County certifies March 3 Primary Election


It’s official — District 1 Merced County Supervisor Rodrigo Espinoza has been re-elected for another four years after the closest local race of the March 3 Primary Election. 

Espinoza won by just 86 votes over first-time challenger Sonia Alshami in the district that covers Le Grand, Planada, El Nido, South Merced, and Livingston. 

Espinosa garnered 2,572 votes, or 50.26 percent of the vote, compared to Alshami’s 2,486 votes, or 48.58 percent. 

The county’s registrar of voters has certified the March 3 Primary Election; the margins of previously reported results have held in other local races. 

The YES votes for Measure J did gain some in the final tally, showing a split among voters in the county on the issue of reinforcing facilities and adding infrastructure at Merced College via a bond measure. 

The NO votes won out by 52.91 percent of the vote, or 21,120, compared to 18,800 YES votes, or 47.09 percent. 

And if you’re wondering, 15,384 local residents voted for President Donald J. Trump who received 93.52 percent of the vote among the 8 GOP presidential candidates on the California ballot. 

Bernie Sanders was the favorite among Merced County Democrats. He received 9,100 votes or 40.94 percent among the 21 Democrat contenders on the statewide ballot. 

You can find all the Merced County results at the county’s Elections website:

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