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Lewis keeps her focus on service to community

Kimberly Helms Lewis became the first woman to serve as the Merced County District Attorney after a stunning, landslide victory over a three-term incumbent in the 2018 election. It was a decisive win in her first-ever campaign for an elected position. This year, Lewis is up for re-election in the June 7 primary. A lot has happened since…

Wartime letters talk uplifts voices of soldiers, families

The Merced College Theatre hosted four-time New York Times best-selling author, playwright and historian, Andrew Carroll, to its stage on Saturday to speak with residents about his decades-long journey of tracking down and preserving war letters. Entitled “LINES OF FIRE: The Search for the Greatest War Correspondences Ever…

The Times Endorses Nicole Silveira For County D.A.

Some say, “Nothing can be done about the crime taking place in our county,” but not all counties in the Central Valley are equal when it comes to repeat offenders who are sent through the revolving door of our justice system. Yes, our courts are overloaded, and our laws have become more lenient. It often seems like the criminals are caught,…

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