Merced County Times Newspaper
The Power of Positive Press

Six trout in Lake McClure released with $1,000 tags

As part of an enormous effort to restore fishing in Lake McClure, six large trout were tagged and turned loose in the reservoir. Each is worth $1,000 and was sent swimming among 150,000 pounds of trout that were stocked in the reservoir in early July. One of the tagged trout has already been caught, netting Joshua Moua of Merced a $1,000…

El Cap wins CCC Athletic Excellence Award

The Central California Conference (CCC) has a total of 23 competitive sports programs that high school boys and girls participate in during the school year. The boy’s programs total 12, and the girl’s total 11. The “Mighty Gaucho” boys and girls finished first, second or third in 17 of the CCC athletic programs this past school year. They…

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