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There is more to FFA than people may realize

Josh Pedrozo
By Josh Pedrozo

This week is National FFA week, a time to highlight our students that have worked hard on their projects and competitions.

I spoke with an Ag Teacher this week who told me that they were back to competing — virtually. It is crucial for all of our students to have access to these programs, as they provide students with valuable skills for their futures.

I, myself was a member of FFA, as were many other people in our community. I showed market hogs at the fair and appreciated the skills doing that taught me, such as responsibility and accountability.

Some the greatest memories I had along with that experience were from being a member of the job interview team, Parliamentary Procedure team, as well as a sectional and chapter officer where I gained lifelong leadership skills that still serve me today.

What still stands out to me today is how much I enjoyed the many programs that were offered throughout FFA.

People think FFA is just about farming but it there is so much more. With the guidance of our teachers, I was able to attain an American Farmer Degree, something that I am still proud of to this day.

The teachers that help guide so many students and set them up for success should be given credit (as all teachers should, regardless of program or subject).

I’ll never forget: Mr. Regalo driving three hours to drop me off at a leadership conference in Chico just to turn around to drive back the same day, Mr. McKellips taking us on POA (Point of Awards) trips, Ms. Azevedo spending countless hours as our leadership advisor, Ms. Franklin and Ms. Davis …

Everyone of them had a common goal, to provide us with skills that we would need to be productive and successful citizens, as all teachers do, but this isn’t about teachers — it’s about our FFA students.

I am a product of that as are so many others.

I am proud to be an FFA alumni and want to congratulate all of those who are in the program.

Agriculture is crucial to our economy, and programs that highlight that are important to recognize.

Josh Pedrozo is the District 2 representative on the Merced County Board of Supervisors.

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