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A bird house for the holidays — the perfect gift

Do you like craft fairs? I like them, especially near Christmas.  The problem is that when I see something I like at these fairs, I can't buy just one — I buy multiples!  This Saturday it was raining, so I bagged the tennis and saw that my local church in Merced was having a craft fair. I was feeling pretty good.  I just got a full tank…

The Long, No-So-Hot Valley Summer Brings Folks Out

At the rate this summer is going, it could be rated as the "Not-So-Hot" summer. The weather man is certainly throwing some unusually beautiful weather at us, and in response, the people are showing up in large crowds at the county fairs and other special events. People are so tired of being cooped up from Covid, the weather just adds…

The Many Newspaper Jobs In All The Years

As the publisher of this grand newspaper, and turning 85 this week, I look back at the more than 60 years of being a newspaperman, and I can’t think of a better way to live. Thank you to all who have read about my wonderings and allowed me to write unbridled. I am still writing with a clear mind everyday, and when I wake up in the…

We Are At War Today Just As We Were In World War II

We do not know what it was like during World War II, only what we read in books; however, today must have many comparisons. First of all, the war went on and on and on. This country needed workers and the conditions were often difficult. People volunteered and made sacrifices. There were shortages and prices were high, with many things…

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