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The Difference Between Water Here And In Mexico

Where we stay in Baja California, Mexico, there is no fresh water. We have the ocean water, and the water which can be drilled for — but that has so much sulfur, it can’t be used.

Then the last of summer, we have the storm season and a hurricane will drop a ton of water, but there are no dams, and it goes right into the sea.

If we want water it has to me trucked in, and that makes it very expensive.

There is an oasis 14 miles north which has fresh water and that is where our water comes from. Most people from California drink recycled water at about 20 pesos for five gallons or 40 cents a gallon.

Most of the plant life is some form of cactus or palm, requiring little water except what is needed to survive the heat.

The air is extremely clean to breathe and our sinuses tell us about it. We can breathe through our noses.

People have found a way to decorate using the native plants, and the landscaping is beautiful using different colored rock punctuated with huge boulders.

The oasis is able to grow an amazing array of fruit and vegetables which are not only cheap but nice and fresh off the farm, so to speak.

One hour and a half north of us is a steam generator plant which relies on the heat from under-grown sources to provide power for a city, and many small communities which surround it,

That volcanic heat lies under the beach front property where we live, and the water in our natural hot springs comes in at 120 degrees.

We have learned to live with the good and the bad of it all, and right now we are cleaning up after two recent hurricanes.

While we appreciated the fresh water, we would not want quite that much at one time as it was 4 feet when it came to the front of our house leaving as much sand in our house as was on the beach.

Welcome to Mexico.

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