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Tioga honors local artist Rodriguez with private showing


The most recent featured artist at The Tioga in downtown Merced is none other than local artist Eddie O. Rodriguez.

The Times has covered several art shows that Rodriguez has participated in, including a solo art show at Kreepy Kawaii just this past year. Rodriguez is known for his beautiful landscapes created through oil painting.

Scenic views and portraits are at the center of his latest show on the Mezzanine level of the historic building that now features upscale apartments.

A private reception was held on Thursday, March 17, for Tioga residents and close friends of Rodriguez. Guests sat around enjoying tacos catered by J&R Tacos as they enjoyed an evening of company and art.

One Tioga resident was eager to share his excitement for the exhibition.

“Merced is a fantastic community,” Paul S. Hermis said, adding that there is always something to do downtown.

And he is not wrong.

The exhibition inside the Mezzanine is unfortunately only available to residents but there soon will be a “Meet the Artist’’ portion of the exhibition that will allow residents a chance to participate in a Q&A conversation with the current artist showing inside the Tioga. “Meet the Artist” will be held right across the street at Mainzer Theater, beginning with Rodriguez, and then next months featured artist, Richard Gomez.

More information will follow as we are updated with dates and times. Also stay up-to-date on Mainzer events online at:


Eddie O. Rodriguez
‘Artist’s Statement’

My first Spring in Atwater was transformative. Flowers everywhere, beautiful flowers, begging to be painted, and I could not ignore their pleas. Prior to moving to the Central Valley, I primarily painted people in metropolitan scenes, but that seemed irrelevant in my new surroundings. Not too long after, I moved to Merced and was greeted by Bear Creek. I knew we would have many painting rendezvous together. And the artists of the area enticed me into the world of mural painting. I was introduced to mediums and techniques, latex house paint, acrylic, and spray paint, all new to me. This show is about making these influences my own, exploring their capabilities, and pushing my limits. The Central Valley has been very good to me, it has been a place of growth, wonderful friendships, and unforeseen fruitfulness.

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