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Mercado Night Market poised for season finale

The first season of the Mercado Night Market event in downtown Merced will be wrapping on Thursday, Oct. 7, with the final edition marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With the theme, “Think Pink,” the event will focus on raising money through a raffle fundraiser to help local community efforts that support cancer patients,…

Gene Mondo’s daughter sheds more light on Mondo Building

EDITOR’S NOTE—In a previous story about The Mondo Building, we wrote the building was built by Gene Mondo. That was incorrect. It was built by the Bank of Italy, exactly the same as another building in San Francisco. It was the Bank of Italy when it opened in 1928; however, during the second World War, when Italy became a member of…

Downtown utility boxes to become works of art

In the coming days, if you happen to see someone downtown with a spray paint can in hand as they eye a street utility box — don’t call the police or Public Works. Instead, give the person a shout out of encouragement. Or maybe a bottle of water to stay cool. Why? Well that person is most likely a paid local artist participating…

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