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Times Online Readership Nears Quarter Million Views


For 55 years, the Times has been a hard copy, community newspaper, and only in recent years have we offered free local news content, and a digital version of the paper, online through our very own website.

Times have changed, and we have reached out to new readership in new ways.

Prior to the coronavirus, online readers viewed our website a steady 50,000 times a month.

Last month, the website approached  250,000 views. This was largely due to the number of people concerned with up-to-date information about the coronavirus.

Never has the demand for local news been greater. And never has the staff of the Times worked harder to bring our readers up-to-date information on the battle being fought locally.

The Times has joined the battle with its latest campaign called “Hunker Down!” in attempt to keep people at home where they are safe, and only making trips when they are absolutely necessary.

Interviews are conducted over the phone or by email, and our reporters are seeking out authorities in any and every field to shed more light on the pandemic, its causes and its cures as they become available.

This week’s editorial (See Page 5) is about a young traveling nurse who has been assigned to work for 11 weeks in Brooklyn, New York, on the front line of the battle. She is just one of thousands of medical workers who are coming to the aid of millions in crowded cities in our nation. Prior to that, she was assigned to Stanford Medical Center, but that assignment was canceled because the need in Brooklyn was much worse.

As this pandemic runs its full course, we have yet to feel the full brunt of its fury.

The Times, both online and by mail to subscribers, will take you with it to places you may not want to go, but also to places that inspire hope. It is essential we keep the channels of communication open.

The most danger is in what we don’t know.

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