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No… You Don’t Know Better Than Dr. Fauci

By Marc Medefind As soon as I was eligible, I got my COVID-19 vaccination. After an anxious year of waiting, I felt like a kid on Christmas Day when I got my shots last winter. Having always heard that a great aunt was a victim of the 1918 Flu Epidemic, I didn’t want to extend that part of my family’s legacy. So now that I’m vaccinated, a huge…

Will there be another covid surge in this region?

Since June 15 — when pretty much everything that had been closed due to COVID-19 was open with no capacity limits and no social distancing — suspense has been building about what comes next. Will there be a new surge in COVID cases? “We have seen a slight uptick, but it is a slower uptick than last summer,” Dr. Kristynn Sullivan told the…

Vaccine clinic welcomes youth, ages 12 to 15

A “Team Asadi” and “Team Merced” COVID-19 vaccination clinic was held on the afternoon of May 20 at the Merced Civic Center, and 12- to 15-year-olds were welcomed, but only about 55 in that age group showed up and got shots. In fact, the clinic, which was for everyone 12 and older, was not as well attended as previous ones. The FDA…