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The Merced Symphony Is A Treasure To Behold


There are wonderful people doing amazing things in Merced, but sometimes their work and generosity go unnoticed.

They need to be highlighted from time to time.

Yes, we do cover the performances of the Merced Symphony. On June 3, the exciting finale of the orchestra’s historic 65th Season will take place at the Merced Theatre.

However, we have yet to devote a special editorial space to give the musicians and Association members the respect they deserve.

Some of them are what we would consider normal, everyday people — mostly volunteers — who devote hours to bringing the wonderful sounds of the Symphony to the people of Merced and the surrounding area.

We have known many of them personally in past years. These are special people, and what they do is special.

Few communities the size of Merced can say they have such a fantastic symphony as the one we have.

In fact, the Merced Symphony is the oldest, continually operating nonprofit in Merced County. 
And yes, they must raise the money to support themselves, and this is no small achievement, because there are so many organizations who need funding in our town.

We commend the Merced Theatre for working out a deal which allows the Merced Symphony to be able to rent the beautifully restored and historic venue. There is no better place to hold Symphony concerts with such excellent acoustics.

Finding and maintaining the quality of musicians who play in the Merced Symphony is another worthy effort.

We have waited too long to properly salute the excellent job the Merced Symphony has done in our community.

We would like to apologize for having taken so long.

The Merced Symphony is truly deserving of our support, and we encourage people to attend their performances.

If you know a member of the Merced Symphony, please stop and congratulate them for the fine job they are doing now and have done for so many years.

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