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An Op-Ed by Lee Pevsner

Lee Pevsner
Lee Pevsner

Unfortunately, we have a lot of scared people in our country.

A few declarations are in order. I am a moderate Democrat, and since this is America, I am entitled to my opinion, and to share it.

I want to know what you think about issues … not what you think about me.

I think Donald Trump is a disaster, as a person and as a President. It has been my experience that when I make such a statement to a Trump supporter, the first thing they do is call me an idiot.

While that may be true, it is not germane to the discussion. Please stay on track.

There is a mountain of misinformation and labeling which does not help. I am sure we would not agree, if you are a Trump supporter, who leads the race in the last two categories.

Labels scare people, and inflame them. Racist! OK, raise your hand if you are a racist. Everyone’s hand should go up, and I am not just talking about white people.

Do you think Donald Trump is a racist? Believe it or not, I don’t think so, not in the Ku Klux Klan sense. He is a master politician, and blasts away with any gun at his disposal. He, from my perspective clearly won the recent battle regarding “The Squad.” He positioned himself to be called a racist, probably accidently, and focused attention on a very minority segment of the Democratic Party. At least I hope so. Do you think that Talib, AOC, Omar, and the other nice lady who does not rant and rave, but whose name I can’t remember, represent MY Democratic Party?

Heck no! I am closer to some Republicans, as long as they don’t support Trump.

Does Donald Trump want a bunch of swing state undecideds to see this as the face of the Democratic Party? You bet! He likes it more than a Double Whopper with fries.

Socialist … you dirty socialist. I remember the days when we used to say “better dead than red.” And this was not a Native American slur. We are talking about Ruskies here in the late fifties, and day before yesterday.

I know this is going to be a great shock to some of you. There isn’t a socialist for miles. Not even Bernie Sanders.

To have the government participate in the service delivery system, is not socialism.

And by the way, for you Bernie supporters, he is a dead duck. Well, and for non-supporters too, come to think of it.

It is not uncommon to disagree in our country. What has changed is the bitter feelings on both sides, and no bridge to compromise. Frankly some of Trump’s policies, from my perspective, are not good for the long-term best interests of our country, and in some cases the world.

I could be very specific, but will not do so at this juncture. Suffice it say that the economic figures talking about growth and prosperity, and lower unemployment rates is a blasphemous cruelty to the middle class. Just look back 50 years and describe the average middle-class family. Only Dad worked, they had a house, a car, and they could send the kids to college.

They even had a TV. Might not have been color.

Describe the middle class now. Do you get the picture? Bernie may be a “dead duck,” but he is right about concentration of wealth.

I want you to tell me what you think. Not about me, about our nation, our world, politics, your world.

Please stifle that impulse to call me an idiot, it is old news.

Lee Pevsner is a Merced resident who is retired from a career in local government.

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