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Fireworks explode as the U.S. Flag waves above the former Castle Air Force Base in Atwater.

Organizers Cancel Livingston 4th of July Fireworks Show

Committee offers other options, but funds are needed


Editor’s Note: The following letter to the community is from Julio Valadez, the chairman of the Livingston 4th of July Committee … 

Our community and the world have been confronted with an unprecedented virus that has caused fear, doubt, concerns and apprehensions.

As a committee, we struggled with the decision to even pursue a celebration for this year with the uncertainty this pandemic has brought.  Initially back in February we were still planning on holding the normal yearly “Fair Type Festival”  with a giant carnival, food/merchandise vendors, and concerts.

With the introduction of COVID-19 in March, we scaled back the celebration to eventually just include a shortened firework show with one of the below options. We felt that the community would need a sense of normality in extremely abnormal times and we could offer that in a fireworks show that not only celebrated our country, but held the tradition this community has come to know and love over the years.

We had consulted with the Livingston City Manager’s office and Livingston PD as to what they thought of our two options. City officials were OK with either option. Unfortunately, due to a major sponsor pulling out and the extremely short amount of time left to raise funds, it is with extremely heavy hearts that we say that we must cancel this year’s Livingston 4th of July Fireworks Show.

There may still be a small possibility of doing one of the options below but about $15K would need to be raised by the end of this week via sponsors and donations to cover the show, security and police.

If enough is not raised, the money will be put towards next year’s show.

Below is survey that was placed on social:

“Hello Livingston and surrounding communities, we are debating on having a Fireworks Show this year, of course we would need to RAISE Enough Money to pay for the show (at least $15k).  There would be no Festival, just a smaller Fireworks Show. This would be dependent on approval from the City of Livingston and Merced County Health Department. “

Option 1:  Drive-in Style Show

You would be able to drive in to venue and watch fireworks show from inside your car or back of your pick-up truck.

Option 2: Ariel Fireworks Show

Fireworks would be shot up higher than normal from an undisclosed location so that most people can enjoy from their own homes with their families.

Option 3: No Show!

Please give us your feedback and would you be willing to donate for the show!”

The Livingston 4th of July Committee is and always has been made up individuals dedicated to serving this community. To our donors, sponsors and citizens of this community, we will be back in 2021! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support

Donations can be made via the GoFundMe link, or mailed or dropped off at Livingston City Hall 1416 C Street Livingston, CA 95334. Make checks payable to Livingston 4th of July Committee.

Julio Valadez, Chairman
Livingston 4th of July Committee
[email protected]

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