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Merced City School Students Showcase Summer Projects

Students in the Merced City School District’s Summer Academy had a chance to share their work with family members this week.

Nearly one thousand students in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade have spent the past four weeks improving their skills in a variety of subjects, including science, math, reading, writing, coding and foreign languages. They’ve had a chance to build solar cars, design their own toys, create art, conduct experiments, and much more. The students also worked on projects designed to build good character and spread kindness.

The classes have been held at Stowell Elementary, Givens Elementary, and the district’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) Center. All three sites hosted showcases Thursday before the final day of the summer session on Friday.

Student Albertano Laguna said the summer classes helped prepare him to make the leap from elementary school to middle school in the fall. He explained, “It is really helping me out, and I feel like I’m going to probably do better in the seventh grade.”

Fourth grader Missy Ibrahimi added, “I love Summer Academy because I was learning a new language, and it was fascinating to learn all about the culture of my language and the history.”

Summer Academy also provides additional training opportunities for teachers who spend time preparing lessons, analyzing student work, and collaborating with one another to improve their own skills.

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