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MCOE announces winners of student Speech Festival

The Merced County Speech Festival competition was held virtually last week for fourth- through eighth-grade students and six schools from five school districts in Merced County participated in the event with 44 students competing.

Awards for the top three students in each grade and honorable mentions were announced to the participating schools and students will receive trophies and certificates for their placement. A video created by METV showcases the students and their speeches.

Speeches for the festival are an open platform. Students gave speeches about any subject using selected categories from the Writing Festival. The speech selections were: Persuasive, Tall Tale, Legend or Fable and must be the students’ own work.

In this year’s virtual competition, students recorded their speeches with assistance from teachers or families. Some memorized their speeches, some used props and others had vivid gesturing and staging.

You can view the winning speeches online at:


First Place

4th Grade: Juana Torres-Garcia, Farmdale, “Trying New Things”

5th Grade: Kashua Her, Farmdale, “Why You Should Play a Musical Instrument”

6th Grade: Elyse Boyd, Our Lady of Mercy, “Physical Health”

7th Grade: Adam Harding, Ballico-Cressey, “School Causes Anxiety in Kids”

8th Grade: Addison Aquino, Our Lady of Mercy, “Displacement of Refugees”

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