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Local art studio comes alive with youthful enthusiasm


While artist Tonia Hemme has not held a youth painting event since the pandemic, the children were more than ready to get back to it with her latest offering.

Last weekend’s Paint & Create class, titled “Sweet Time,” was a hit. The studio was filled with over a dozen children who were eager to paint, as well as eat ice cream.

Young people were guided through paintings of a variety of sweets. At the same time, they were all treated to ice cream to match the class theme as well as fight the summer heat.

“It went great,” Hemme said. “All the kids had fun, and all of the parents were grinning because the kids were enjoying themselves. I like it because the kids are concentrated on what they are doing and there are no phones. Their pictures turned out great.”

Kyrsten Bandoni brought her child Dylanee to the workshop for a fun family experience. “We had so much fun,” Bandoni said. “Dylanee was excited she got to actually paint a picture. She is excited for the next kids painting session!”

That sentiment was echoed by Gina Jimenez, who came to the class with her daughter. “My daughter and I enjoyed it very much. First time going, and something we look forward to doing again.”

One 6-year-old at the event, Logan, simply said: “It was fantastic!”

In fact, this event went so well that Hemme is planning a regular youth class to start entering her regular rotation of workshops. Stay tuned.

While last Saturday’s event was created specifically for the kids, Hemme’s ongoing “Paint & Create” workshops are opportunities for more advanced artists to enjoy an evening with friends and loved ones, while improving skills in an ideal setting.

Next up is a Paint & Create focus on the painting ‘Umbrella Girl on Beach,’ on July 29, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $37 with materials, refreshments and snacks.

For those who are interested in taking an individual art class and/or would like more information regarding the Tonia Hemme Fine Art Studio, you can contact her at (209) 431-0278, visit her website, or stop by the studio at 561 W. 18th Street, Ste C.

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