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Comedy nights growing in downtown Merced


The good people at Trevino’s Restaurant in downtown Merced continue to host outstanding local Comedy Shows that include top comedians from the Bay Area, Los Angeles and beyond.

In the latest edition, well-known Mexican-American actor and stand-up comedian Paul Rodriguez came to town for a show on the stage of Playhouse Merced on Jan. 21.

Trevino’s booked the Playhouse stage to meet attendance demand for the Rodriguez, a longtime star that has been making audiences laugh for nearly three decades. A dinner at Trevino’s was part of the event, as as was an after-party celebration.

It was a special performance by Rodriguez who was celebrating his 68th birthday, and the capacity crowd at the Playhouse honored him a standing ovation. He was joined that night by fellow comedians Mel Garcia and Raul Reyes.

Next up, Trevino’s will bring comedian Eleanor Kerrigan to town as a headliner for a comedy show on Saturday, March 18. An after-party is planned at the new Joystiq club on Main Street. Tickets for these shows sell out fast, so if you are interested, follow “Trevino’s Mexican Restaurants” on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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