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Untitled work by Wendy Romero.

Merced Area Museum Of Community Art (MA-MOCA), Exhibit #6


With regard to current shelter-in-place conditions, and the fact that local art museums are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the County Times has created the Merced Area Museum of Community Art, or better put: “The MA-MOCA,” for art fans of all ages. At this difficult time, the Times wants to do its part to help share these talented works, and bring joy and recognition to the artists and our newspaper readers.

In this, our sixth newspaper exhibit, we present on this page the work of three artists in the group collective High Quality Arts (HQA) promoted by local Merced artist Stephen Schertz.

These new pieces include “mood driven characters” created by Samuel Cruz, HQA’s oldest artist, aside from Schertz.



Cruz has been creating artwork in all different types of mediums for the past 10 years plus. He also had the privilege to be invited to the CSSSA (Cal Arts) during his junior year of high school. You will often find color and high spirit in Samuel’s artwork.

The next two pieces of artwork are from another HQA artist from Massachusetts. Her name is Wendy Romero, she has been with High Quality Arts since 2016. However, she has been a creator of art her whole life, passionately driven by the world around her, and using lots of color to make her feelings clearly portrayed in her works. Her style of work is very bold and always catches the eyes.



And last but not least, Layla Schertz was born into HQA as the daughter of Stephen Schertz. With less time with a pencil or pen in her hand doesn’t not stop her from creating some of our times best artwork.

She is a 7-year-old artist with work that is absolutely in its purest form. A form that many adult artist strive to convey in their own artwork.

‘My Little Pony’ by Layla Schertz.



The Times thanks all the artists for sending in their works of art to the MA-MOCA!

Artists are encouraged to send us jpeg photos of their art, along with a short bio, and explanations behind the work to this email: [email protected]

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