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Tennis Tips from the Court of Robert Quall

Make Your Return Policy Fierce and Unpredictable

Two-time USTA national champion Robert Quall.
Two-time United States Tennis Association national champion Robert Quall.

Let’s talk return of serve.

Your mechanics in returning the serve is important, but not to be forgotten is the return of serve tactics.

Too many players let their opponent relax and get in a groove when they serve.

You can shake it up by moving up a couple of feet, and then moving back a couple of feet after every serve. Then crowd the middle of the service line, and then shift to the alley. Hit a return down the line for a game, and then cross-court every return for a game.

Don’t give the server a target. When you show the server the unexpected, he or she will tighten up and become tentative. Once that happens, the aces become faults and the second serves become double faults.

When the server’s rhythm goes, the serve goes in the tank!

Mess with the server’s mind — return your way to a win!

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