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The Power of Positive Press

Mishaps continue for hapless skippers on California coast

My boat, the King Midas, the summer of 1967, was moored in the San Diego harbor after an attempt to sail to Santa Barbara failed because of a dead battery. However, with a new co-pilot, Ren Tryal, I was excited about our second attempt to sail the King Midas up the coast. Ren, a federal narcotics agent, had confiscated a machine gun and…

Pastor Carr Saves Weekend Retreat With Half Nelson

It has been snowing in the mountains for several weeks. Great skiing this year! Reminds me of the ski trip to Lake Tahoe many years ago. Henry TeVelde and I, and several others, took a group of high schoolers to Lake Tahoe for the weekend to ski. Was going to be great fun! When we got to the rented chalet, it already had 10 occupants. We…

Talking homelessness yields no easy answers

Have you had any contact with our homeless population in the valley? Years ago, I had the privilege of directing a homeless (Rescue  Mission) men's choir for over 10 years.  During that time, Dennis Jordan, our accompanist, and myself, went all over  California with the men's chorus. Interestingly  enough, we had a world class soloist,…

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