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More than 200 students attend Delhi literacy program

Delhi’s elementary school students just wound up a summer school program designed to boost their literacy skills.

Adolfo Melara, superintendent of the Delhi Unified School District, said more than 200 students from third grade were enrolled in sessions from June 17 to July 19.

Melara said 139 students took part in corrective reading training along with 19 newcomers. Twenty-five students took part in Gifted and Talented Education classes. Another 25 special education students participated in an extended year program.

Credit recovery options also were available for 225 students in secondary grades, middle school and high school students.

“Many students lack word attack skills to benefit from grade-level academic content. Students in third grade and above had a perfect opportunity to learn how to read. We’ve seen a lot of benefit from it,” Melara said.

The corrective reading program concentrates on explicit reading skills. Vocabulary and word-attack skills are covered and students learn basic vocabulary words and how to read fluently on a daily basis.

Rosa Gonzalez, summer school principal, said students were excited to be there and everything went well.

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