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County Budget Is Sustainable, Conservative, Cautiously Optimistic

Josh Pedrozo
Josh Pedrozo

Last Tuesday along with my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors we approved the final budget for


This is a $1.17 billion budget. Of the Board’s discretionary budget 73 percent is dedicated to public safety. The budget reflects the key priorities of the board, in that it prioritizes public safety and utilizing one time money for one time capital improvement projects, like parks, veterans halls and other county facilities that are in need of repair.

Last year the board made clear policy that we need to put 7-10 percent of revenues into our reserves to safeguard against economic uncertainties. This year we increased the county’s reserves by $3 million to $45.1 million for this budget year.

I am proud of this budget because it reminds me of what my colleague Chairman Scott Silveira always says “Merced County is Healthy not Wealthy.” This board is also mindful of the fact that uncertain times may lie ahead. This budget is sustainable, conservative and cautiously optimistic. We all wish there was a crystal ball that could tell us what hurdles we might face in the coming year, but I am confident that we will come through as we always do, stronger than ever. As a board we take our job in being stewards of your hard earned tax money very seriously and are always looking for ways to build our revenues.

We have a large county of 290,000 people that covers a geographic area larger than the entire state of Rhode Island, which means balancing diverse requests while also maintaining a quality of service that our residents deserve. It is because of these uncertainties that we are aware of the changing dynamics of business and work with our partners to get creative to continue to make Merced County the best County in the state.

I cannot speak for my colleagues on the board, but understand that we are all in this together to fight for you, our bosses.

As always should you have any comments, questions or concerns please  don’t  hesitate to

contact me at  [email protected]  or (209) 385-7663.

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