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Community In Poetry, Edition #5


This is the fifth issue of “Community in Poetry,” which ran throughout the month of April in honor of National Poetry Month. Local poets can still send their work in for publication by email: [email protected]


A Shelter From The Storm




People run for shelter when the storms and tempests rise,

They race for higher ground, and for places of blue skies.

They risk their lives escaping all the wrath that’s sure to come

They flee from crowds and cities, for they certainly aren’t dumb.

They leave their lives behind them as they search for ground that’s calm,

And they gather in the country-what a peaceful, soothing balm.

They struggle to survive, in an environment that’s new,

But with no news or running water, oh what are they going to do?

Some who leave the cities are the ones who have prepared,

As they shelter in the mountains where their food and land is shared.

They don’t worry o’er the future, for they know this earth will end,

But they put their trust in God, and on Him alone, depend.

They forage in the meadows, and they eat from nature’s store,

Where there’s grass and fruit a plenty, nuts and medicine and more.

They start fire without matches and they sleep on leafy bed,

They take solace from the forest, and they always think ahead.

This earth is in a turmoil, and the nighttime draweth nigh,

The time is soon a comin’ when the Lord comes in the sky.

He’ll take His faithful children to their perfect heav’nly home,

Where they’ll live with Him forever, nevermore in sin to roam.

It is time that we get ready, and dig deep into God’s Word,

We must preach the gospel message until all the earth has heard.

Heard about the savior, how his mercy knows no end,

And how He truly loves them and on Him they can depend.

God’s people need to focus on the things that matter most —

Like Knowing Christ, their Savior — it’s on this alone we boast.

The world needs to hear about what heaven holds in store,

They must hear about salvation, Jesus love for them, and more.

Oh my friend are you prepared to leave your earthly wealth behind?

Are you rooted in God’s Word? Or will His coming leave you blind?

We must learn to know the Savior, He who loves us without end,

He is waiting to accept us, He is our eternal friend.


A California native and long-time resident of Merced, Jathan Pfeifle has been writing poems for almost 30 years. In addition to writing poetry, he enjoys traveling, nature, music, gardening and tracing his family history.






a poet’s darling

like daisies scattered

happily in fertile fields

of sunshine

a poet’s delight

a darling to my eyes

a darling to my heart

you fill my world with gladness

uplift in praise

your tiny hands

toward the blue

and golden heavens

the countryside

where rustic beauty


no greater flower

in all of nature’s gardens

beams more gracefully

more stately

than the queenly

simple daisy

a rose though lovely

has but a summer

ah but

your smile

my dear

my posy

reigns eternal

like the radiance

of the daisy

David Saucedo is a longtime resident of Merced, formerly from Los Angeles. He studied philosophy at CSU Northridge. This poem was inspired by his granddaughter Sophie.



The Positive Side



In the midst of a pandemic
pollution has ceased
churches are praying together
skies are blue in india
there is more family time
everyone is going on walks
there is more unity
more love
more acts of kindness
more charity
more time for home cooking
more bible reading
time for family movie nights
time for reading good books
more time in the garden
the churches have more unity
more people are turning to God
more time for yard work
more time for baking
gas prices dropped
the animals are roaming
wars have ceased
skies are clean
the birds are out
the homeless are off the streets governments are working together
smog in china has cleared
colleges, universities have classes online
the fish are out
time for sowing, crafts

Raj Singh Sidhu is a native and resident of Merced. 

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