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‘Perfect Storm’ story has Happy Christmas ending

'While they were homeless, they never complained about anything. They’re humbled that they’re still alive and breathing.' Sue Emanivong, Healthy House  Sebastian Junger’s book, A Perfect Storm, tells the tale of a North Atlantic storm that took 13 lives in 1991. It happened as a result of a nor’easter that absorbed Hurricane Grace and…

Atwater Teen Providing Options For Those Who Have Few

Rishi Vanga, a junior at Buhach Colony High School, didn’t wait for his teachers’ “distance learning” plans to venture into an incredible and meaningful educational experience during the current stay-at-home orders.  “I don’t even know if my school knows I’m doing this,” the 17-year-old Atwater resident says.  Actually, there are a…

Homeless problems in Merced

Dear Editor, While the City of Merced should be vigorously applauded for initiating a county-wide process to develop housing resources for the homeless, along with a caseworker examination regarding what each individual needs to become as fully functional as possible, there remain significant short-term problems that need attention and cannot…

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