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Pet Resolutions for 2023

Getting out for more walks is on the docket for more pet parents in this coming year.
Getting out for more walks is on the docket for more pet parents in this coming year.

The TripsWithPets website surveyed pet parents to find out what their New Year’s resolutions are for their furry family members in 2023. Here are the Top 5.

#1 Do more together

There’s no better way to bond more with your pet than engaging in new activities together. Top spot on the resolution list for pet parents in 2023 is taking more pet-friendly road trips and exploring new things to do with their pets. Paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, and exploring pet-friendly places to shop, dine, and stay are among the activities noted.

#2 Introduce natural ways to support pet health

Loving our pets as we do means doing all we can to ensure they lead long, healthy, and happy lives. Many pet parents have resolved to take a closer look at natural health care for their furry family members. This includes their pets diet/nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, and alternative therapies – such as acupuncture, laser treatment, homeopathy, and the like. Improving our precious pets’ well-being is the ultimate goal.

#3 Brush pet’s teeth regularly

Daily brushing of your pet’s teeth is just as important for him as it is for you. Regular tooth brushing helps to prevent gum disease – and even other diseases. Yet, many pet parents overlook it.

What makes it a bit tricky is if you don’t start your pet out when he is young, it becomes more challenging to make him amenable to getting his teeth brushed as he gets older. That’s what typically makes many pet parents “intermittent” tooth brushers.

The good news is, News Year’s resolution #3 is that pet parents plan to commit daily to brushing their dog’s and cat’s teeth.

#4 Get more exercise

We all need to move our bodies more – and that includes our pets. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about overall health — mind, body, and soul. Getting out for more walks, play dates, fetch, and games of “hide and go treat” are on the docket for more pet parents in this coming year.

#5 Work on better manners & training

Whether it is barking at house guests, begging at the table, or bossing you around, most pets have some unfavorable behaviors that need to be curbed. Pet parents have committed to working with professional trainers this new year to help their pets with anxiety and behavior issues so they can be happier, more relaxed, and responsive.

Yappy New Year!

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