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Leaders agree on display of airport logo, Italian flag


City leaders unanimously approved new marketing “taglines” and a logo for the Merced Yosemite Regional Airport — or MYRA — during their most recent meeting on Feb. 21.

The Vela Marketing Firm provided a view of the local airport as making regional travel easy with complimentary parking, efficient service, and proximity to everything the region has to offer — the growing community of Merced, a booming agribusiness industry, Yosemite National Park and a future High Speed Rail hub.”

The new logo contains three elements — a nod to the agricultural industry with a few rows of crops, a connection to Yosemite with a Half Dome-like reference, and a plane soaring into the sky.

A new tourism marketing pitch includes the following: “Located in California’s Central Valley, Merced Yosemite Regional Airport offers a travel experience that is private and convenient. With the advantage of size, location, and complimentary parking we create an efficient and hassle-free process perfect for travelers looking to explore Merced’s up-and-coming community, Yosemite National Park, or an easy trip to Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Deeply committed to our growing community and the tourists who visit, we provide a friendly and professional experience to help you get to where you need to go.”

The advertising tagline: “Your community. Your airport. Your ticket to adventure.”

There was also an aviation pitch: “Merced Yosemite Regional Airport offers hangars for lease, or corporate hangars built to suit. Our Fixed Based Operator is available to help with airplane maintenance and offers concierge services. Additionally, the airport provides a self-fueling station, and is home to a National Weather Service station, two air ambulance services and a fire station.

Tagline: “Privacy, adventure, and the love of flight.”

More Red, White & Green

After the national flag of Mexico flies over Bob Hart Square in downtown Merced for a few days in September, the flag of Italy will be next — for the entire month of October.

In case you  didn’t  notice, the city allows for a “Flag Calendar” so that groups and organizations can fly “commemorative flags” on the third flag pole that accompanies the U.S. and California flags flying over Main Street and the popular town square gathering space.

Community groups have to apply for the honor, and so far this year, the Merced LGBTQ Alliance has been approved to fly the Pride Progress Flag in June, and the Mexican Consulate of Fresno has been given the OK to fly the Mexican flag for the Mexican Independence Day celebrations on Sept. 16-17.

In turn, the Italo-American Lodge of Merced last week was the latest organization to make a successful request to the City Council.

In the application, it was written: “Please fly the Italian flag in the month of October in memory of the largest mass lynching in American history. On March 14, 1891, 11 Italian Americans were murdered in New Orleans by a mob. October is also significant as it holds the Federal holiday, Christopher Columbus Day. Italian Americans were often thought of as second-class citizens and have  proven  their doubters wrong by being hard working, patriotic citizens.”

So, in other words, Mercedians and visitors can look up at the Italian flag in October, and respect and celebrate the culture and legacy of Italian Americans.

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