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City approves final budget on positive housing note

Merced leaders approved a new $384.6 million fiscal budget for ongoing city government operations in a split 4-3 vote on Tuesday night. The decision included an added $500,000 to be set aside for an undefined affordable housing funding plan or program that appeared to be a smaller concession to demands from local activists and supporters who…

City boosts funding for public art, local artists

Merced leaders have agreed to allocate more of the city’s budget dollars to public art projects after sending out a request for proposals and receiving an enthusiastic response from local artists. The decision also came after an extended, somewhat controversial review process, and some of the artists called for the city to “defund” its…

Summer is calling for Ada Givens Pool

The Merced City Council this week took up the issue of a community pool in Merced that has not been in use since 2011. The recreational pool at Ada Givens Park has been out of service for a little over a decade, but that can very much change thanks to a new city plan. On Monday night, city leaders voted unanimously to move forward with…

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