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Photo by Nathan Zucker

Guns N’ Roses takes Aftershock fans home on final Day 4 of festival

Check out images of the Aftershock 'experience'


Here’s the straight goods: The fans who weathered the unforgiving sun, the intense but merciful Rancid mosh pits, the relentless crowd surf alley, and the waiting, and the anticipation, and all of the above in cramped quarters … were treated to one hell of a Sunday show by Guns N’ Roses — the headliners of the entire four-day Aftershock festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento. 

Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer, Dizzy Reed, Melissa Reese, and Slash brought it. 

To everyone in sight.

Who at Aftershock, on Day 4, was not in the crowd to see GNR? 

And for who knows how long. It was GNR on steroids. Hours of music. Something like 30 songs. Why even count?

They just kept coming … “It’s So Easy” … “Slither” … “Mr. Brownstone” … “You Could Be Mine” … “Welcome To The Jungle” … “Live and Let Die” … “November Rain” …  “Sweet Child O’ Mine” … “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” … and “Paradise City.”

Slash was masterful with his guitar as always, and Axl … well … he not only hit those notes and screams …

You could see it on his face …

He was enjoying the moment.  

Here’s some of the best images of the Aftershock “experience” taken by event photographers.


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