TENNIS TIPS from the court of ROBERT QUALL

Two-time USTA national champion Robert Quall.

It seems to me that most of the time, the player that has the better control of the ball wins the match.

Not always, but that person has a leg up on his or her opponent. I have found that sometimes when I am warming up for a match that the handle feels too large when I grip it. When the racket seems to drag through your swing, you have got a problem.

To take care of that feeling, I use an old grip that I have taken off another racquet and wrap it over a racket that is the same size, etc., as the one I will be using in the match.

I then hit with this oversized grip for two to three minutes in the pre-warm-up or the actual warm-up.

When I go to my regular racquet for the rest of the warm-up, it gives me a great feel because the handle itself seems smaller. A mind game yes, but effective.

Note: Smaller grip size means more control, and unfortunately less power. Make the choice.

Tennis Tips
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