Tennis Tips from the Court of Robert Quall

Keep strings attached with a racquet to match
Two-time USTA national champion Robert Quall.

When I was in college playing tennis, Wilson gave me two sets of real gut strings every year.

During the season, I noticed my strings might break at any time. Problem was they were stubborn, and wouldn’t snap so I could replace them with my freebies.

I decided to help my gut along by placing my racquet in a puddle of water (I was in Seattle at the time) and stepping on it. Sure enough the strings broke, but so did the racquet!

I couldn’t ask my coach for a new racquet, as I was the coach.

Which brings me to my point. You should have two racquets, same grip, same string, and same tension. You don’t need two racquets, but insurance is the best policy. Don’t end up playing a match with the back of your hand!

I now have four racquets, all the same — looking for a puddle in dry Merced!

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