Tennis Tips from the court of Robert Quall

Find a good tennis buddy, and play, play, play
Two-time USTA national champion Robert Quall.

Let’s talk about developing your tennis game from the start.

First of all you need at least average eye-hand co-ordination. If you can walk, you should be OK. Secondly, you need to learn the proper grip and basic strokes, e.g., forehand, backhand, volley, serve, and so on.

Now we get to the hard part. Do you hit the tennis ball against a wall 20 minutes a day? Play 10-point groundstroke games with a player of equal skill? Maybe you want to hit 50 crosscourt, and then 50 shots down the line for one half hour.

If you have aggressive parents they will remind you to practice and even set you up with opponents and urge you to play tournaments. I propose the best way to get better is to play two sets a day with a player you like and is close to your ability. SHELVE THE REST. You play like I suggest and you will get better way faster than using the other routes. You will improve by leaps and bounds.

But what do I know.

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