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Wiccan shares, celebrates cycles of universe with Atwater shop


Introducing and celebrating the Earth, the universe, and the cycles that govern us as creatures of the world are just a few things Madison Davis hopes to share with residents at her shop, “Lady Moon Raye.”

The 30-year old Atwater resident just turned her passion for her Wiccan religion and Etsy merchandise into a full-blown local located in downtown Atwater.

“Lady Moon Raye” opened its doors to residents on May 18, and sits at 1430 Broadway Ave, the same spot where Vern’s Barber Shop was located for 40 years. The space greets you with an openness and sense of serenity that feels like something special.

Davis celebrates her life by practicing and worshiping the cycles of the universe and the rhythms of the earth.

“My religion is all about being outside, being with nature, and worshiping the cycles around us,” Davis explained about being a part of Wicca. “As a woman it helps me by being in tune with the cycles of the earth, the moon, the tide, and explains why it pulls to me.”

With her shop, Davis hopes to create a warm space for others to feel safe in their practice and invites those who may be interested in learning more about the universe and the significance it has on life.

After boosting sales on her Etsy platform, Davis knew she had to expand to a storefront.

“I knew I needed to expand once I realized how many women around here — whether they saw us on Instagram or where friends who saw my work — supported us,” She explained. “They had nowhere to go, just like I had nowhere to go in the beginning. This was when me and my mom cohesively decided we had something to offer. We knew that this was something that was needed.”

No where else in Atwater can the goods and services “Lady Moon Raye” offers be found. From personalized candles to books on spirituality, the shop offers a range of items — perfect for any spell or gift. Rocks and crystals, tapestries, incense sticks, books, jewelry, and even witch starter kits are just a few items residents can shop for.

As far as services go, Davis offers private tarot readings to customers as well as wickenings, hand fastenings, and clergy wedding services. She hopes to offer home cleaning services in the near future if the pandemic slows down.

“We are also doing our best when it comes to sanitation,” she said. “We have contingency plans, a limit of people inside the building, and masks are required. We want to make sure we have a safe space for everyone to come and shop with us.”


Lady Moon Raye is open Mondays through Saturdays, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., they are closed on Sundays and are open for private tarot readings by appointment only. For any further questions you can reach the shop at (209) 354-9901.

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