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What’s your favorite local taco truck? Let us know!

Tom Frazier
Tom Frazier

When I started this column, one of my first topics was to find the best pizza parlor in Merced.

It ended up a tie between Little Oven Pizza and Pizza Villa.

This week I’m asking for your help in finding the best Taco Truck.

Yes, there are brick and mortar Mexican restaurants with great tacos, but for this week, I’m not including them.

I’ve used and Yelp too identify a few and would like your input.  Please email me your mini-reviews at [email protected] with the title “Taco.”

Here’s a list readers can use, or add to.

  • Hidalgo Taco Truck · E Main St
Tacos Las 2 Hermanas · W 15th St
  • Cortes Tacos #2 · G St
  • Tacos Las Ranitas · W Main St
  • La Taquerita · R St
  • Las Monas Chiquilin · E Childs Ave
  • Tacos Y Mariscos Sinaloa
  • Tacos Durango
  • Susi’s Tacos · Parsons Ave
  • Tacos El Pollo
  • Chente’s Tacos · Stretch Rd
  • Taqueria Coalcoman · Santa Fe Dr
  • Tacos Sonora · W 15th
  • La Cruda · W 15th St


Many of the published reviews online say they are the “best” in Merced, but which one really is?

If you want to review other Mexican food from these trucks, feel free to do so.  But I do have a request, please don’t send me a review if you are the owner or somehow closely related to the owner.

I’m looking for food quality, price, ease of ordering, wait times, etc.

Some of them have phone numbers to call in to pre-order for pickup. Yes, believe it or not, there are even more choices than I’ve listed.

For example, on most days there are trucks positioned at Castle in Atwater near The Tarmac. Feel free to review them too. Want to send more than one review?  YES.  You can compare one to another.

If this experiment works, I’ll publish the results in a future column. If no one responds, I’ll just tuck my tail between my legs and sneak away.

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