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What is there to do in Merced?

An OpEd by Lee Pevsner of Merced

Lee Pevsner
Lee Pevsner

Well the usual “person on the street” answer is NOTHING!

I want some feedback here, possibly on a continuous basis, although the Merced County Times does an excellent job of publicizing community events.

What do you, the people of Merced, like to do?

Personally, my wife and I are “foodies.” There are a number of restaurants here that we frequent.

We have a tremendous Merced Symphony. Not like the old days, where honestly, I wore ear plugs to the performances. And Playhouse Merced, all one can say is WOW! Extremely high-quality performances … always.

My wife loves the water, so periodically she drags me, and other unsuspecting people out to Lake Yosemite for a picnic. Most of the time, we stop at the Cortes #2 taco truck near G and 15th streets to get the picnic.

The only downside is marching over the goose droppings on the park lawn. But it does give one the feel of being out in nature.

I live near Fahrens Park and see large crowds of people playing Frisbee golf. Now here is some kind of oxymoron if I have ever seen one. I hate Frisbee, and I despise golf, but this is after all, America. You can do what you want.

I love high school bands. I have tried to march along side them when they perform at band reviews. Somebody usually tries to put me in a chokehold. We are tremendously fortunate to have excellent music programs in our schools. This has led to three very good high school bands in our community. Do not miss the Central California Band Review the second weekend in November at Golden Valley High School.

For those of you who can still walk (right now I am limping) or ride a bike, we have over 10 miles of grade-separated bike baths. Some lead to the zoo at Applegate Park.

There are many ways to make things better for people in our world who could use a “hand up.” Volunteer opportunities exist in Merced. Perhaps some nice person will post a list of them here. As my wife often tells me, “It is not just always about you.”

And lastly, I am a “political animal,” and you should be too. Get involved in our community. Vote, and know what is going on with our elective bodies — City Council, Board of Supervisors, Merced Mosquito Abatement District.

You have no one to blame but yourself, if you leave everything up to others.

Hey, you could even run for office!

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