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UC Merced Police Dept. welcomes two new officers


The UC Merced Police Department welcomed two new recruits, Angela Henke and Nicolas Rosales, into their ranks with an official swearing-in ceremony on Monday. The new officers increase the UCPD staff to 18 members.

Both of these new campus officers come from the Merced Police Department. They were happily joined by their family members, colleagues and friends as they took their oaths.

“What we do here with UC policing is a little different,” said Chou Her, the police chief of UC Merced. “Families send loved ones to campus, and every child who comes here, it’s our responsibility to keep them safe. … We handle the whole gamut of calls.”

Notably, in addition to joining the UC Merced campus family, these new officers also joined the University of California System of officers, which allows them to be deployed across UC campuses as needed.

“I am thrilled to contribute to the dynamic growth of UC Merced,” Officer Henke said. “My decision to join stems from my Merced roots, a strong desire to serve the community, and a passion for fostering positive change in students and the broader community. I am eager to be a part of UC Merced’s ongoing efforts in enhancing Merced County’s development and contributing to the campus’s continuous growth and expansion.”

Said Officer Rosales, “I decided to come to UC Merced to be apart of something bigger, where I can mentor and counsel our youth. I believe that the students of UC Merced are also the heart of America’s bright future.”

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