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UC Merced Campus Activity Board brings Ali Wong to town


In an effort to provide a nice break amidst the stress of finals season and exhaustion of moving out of dorms, the UC Merced ASUCM Campus Activities Board (CAB) brought out world-renowned comedian and actress Ali Wong to headline their annual event “Cabsterical,” with a surprise opening set from Shane Wang.

This all took place on May 7 at the historic Merced Theatre downtown.

The event was held free of charge to any enrolled student, with a cap of 2,000 tickets being given out. There were huge lines of students outside of the event, which went around the corner and down the road. Additionally, there was even a special bus service available that was organized to help out students living on campus or who do not have access to transportation.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide our scholars with opportunities that rival the big sister campuses and that they get to experience high caliber artist and provide them with an opportunity to destress and take a study break and come downtown and shop and dine with our downtown businesses,” says Enrique M. Guzman, the director and ASUCM advisor of the Office of Student Involvement.

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