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Treehouse Tutoring center launches here in Merced


In response to the need, and ultimately untapped demand, for academic tutoring here in Merced, the Treehouse Tutoring and Learning Center has now opened for business.

They kicked off the opening of the business with a ribbon-cutting event on June 10 in their brand-new space at 780 W. Olive Ave Suite 101.

The Treehouse Tutoring Center is a business that originates from the passions of three individuals: co-founders Marcus Arellano, Angelica Lee and Edgar Martinez. All of whom desperately wanted to find a way to support the education of everyone, regardless of age or level, here in Merced. Their ultimate mission is: “To foster a nurturing and empowering environment that champions individualized service, transparency, and student growth. We are committed to cultivating a passion for learning and helping students develop a growth mindset.”

They offer a variety of custom-built classes as well as curriculums (optimized through their many years of collective experience), host community events, and have an excellent array of specially selector tutors with a diverse range of specialties and training.

No matter what it is that you want to study, there is someone there who can be of service, they day. Notably, they will be holding a special summer session as a way to help foster growth between school years.

“It’s an honor to be a part of this grand opening,” resident and supporter Lisa Mayo told the Times “I think that they will do this community a great service serving those in need. As someone who works in after-school programs I know how much support they need.”

Another longtime community member, Andrea Arredondo, had this to say: “I know that they are following their mission statement and their heart is in the right place. I have known them for a really long time — I grew up with them. And they are all very dedicated to what they are trying to bring to Merced. I have known them for a really long time — I grew up with them.”

She went on to reflect on how the founders even helped her study for hard classes throughout their time in school together.

While the Treehouse Center is starting off with a modest size crew and facility, as mentioned, they are all incredibly passionate and ambitious about their work as educators and facilitators. They already have goals of partnering with a number of other local businesses and hope to quickly grow and become a certified STEAM center. Additionally, they have aspirations of one day opening a public studio/makerspace, to expand the community’s access to more modern and high-end equipment.

“Our goal is to — if I was to sum it up — is to become a cornerstone of the community when it comes to educational assistance, consulting, advising,” co-owner Marcus Arellano said. “Whether that is through tutoring services that are one-on-one, through programs and classes environment, or if it is as simple as you don’t know what classes the student should take the coming year or just coming in and looking at our community activities board to see what’s going on in. That’s really our goal — to become that knowledge source of information and collaboration for the community.”

“I’m excited because I know that we are student focused,” said Samantha Middleton, one of Treehouse’s tutors. “We really have the success of the students at heart, and I know that all the tutors are passionate about their success.”

As is the case with most ventures, there are a variety of supporters that helped pave the way for Treeehouse’s journey to establishing itself and opening to the public. One such person is April Tinsley, godmother and mentor of Marcus Arellano, who assisted in the road mapping of the company and was there to answer a list of much needed questions. Additionally, the company is grateful for the support of Merced County, the University of California Small Business Center, as well as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

If you are interested in more information, you can find them on Instagram, @treehousetutor, or visit their website,

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