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Time To Get Rid Of Lawn Grass Here In The Valley

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Times Publisher John Derby

Our valley is looking at 41 percent of the normal rain fall this year, and yet we continue to water our beautiful grass lawns.

Remember, this land we live on is semi-desert and with every passing year the water table keeps dropping lower and lower.

What are we thinking?

With the state demanding 40 percent of the river runoff, and the price of food sky rocketing, how do we plan to feed this nation, and much of the world?

This says nothing about another fire season which will surely come with the drought.

Our leaders should be talking about drought resistant plants and yards.

The home of Greg Olzack and Ann McDonald was featured in our paper recently as an example of what one family decided to do about the water shortage.

Landscapers have beautiful and unusual designs for making valley homes not only attractive but xeriscaped. Ornamental rock, bark, sand, cactus, and drought resistant succulents are part of the equation.

One does not have to do their whole yard at once. We did our front yard, one brick at a time. Now with a new home, we will start all over again.

There is no need for a riding lawn mower. Lawn keepers need to learn how to landscape without grass. It just makes sense.

The city and the county should consider giving some kind of an economic bonus for those people who use less than the allotted amount of water. They penalize us for using too much water. Fair is fair.

It does not take a lot of brains to understand that every year the demand on our limited water supply will increase. Sitting back and saying that it is the problem of the next generation, is not the answer.

The problem is upon us now. Let’s deal with it now.

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