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Tim Razzari opens new Commercial Truck Center

Razzari Commercial Truck Center held its official Grand Opening on Tuesday, March 26, including a Ribbon Cutting ceremony held by the Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce. The large facility, located at 1610 W. 16th Street in downtown Merced, offers new and used trucks of all sizes, outfitting with specialized equipment and racks, and repair and maintenance services.

“Our goal is to keep other businesses in business. These are working trucks, sometimes even mobile offices. There’s a need for outfitting, repair and maintenance of commercial trucks. This is a one-stop center for commercial trucks and the equipment mounted on it,” said Tim Razzari, a local automotive magnate.

Razzari is the  owner/president of Tim Razzari Motors, Inc., Razzari Ford, Razzari Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram, Razzari Nissan – and now – Razzari Commercial Truck Center (RCTC). He has done business in Merced County for 40 years and employs 150 people. Eighteen were added to bring talent and experience to his team of truck specialists.

John Hernandez, RCTC Operations Manager, says the nearest truck centers of similar capabilities are in Roseville and Bakersfield, way too far for Merced County businesses dependent upon their trucks for their livelihoods.

“There’s a high demand for specialized commercial trucks in the Central Valley. We opened on Dec. 26 and the shop has been loaded every day,” Hernandez said. “Being part of the Chamber helps people in the community know we are here.”

The site had once been Razzari’s Hundai and was unused for some time. The size of the property and the easy highway access made the location a perfect choice for a truck center.

“We make sure we match the truck and equipment to the specific jobs it will do,” explained Christopher Pratt, RCTC General Manager. “We sell and outfit trucks for mechanics, hauling, crane rigs, dump beds, down to small trucks and enclosed vans. We are a fleet-minded organization.”

Razzari says they can fix any truck, its equipment or hydraulics – and keep the money in the Merced area.

“We have gathered an impressive team of well-trained technicians. Everyone in our facility has worked in commercial truck repair for at least 10 years,” Pratt said. “We’re here for businesses, agriculture, and first responders.”

Since many repairs require removal of the truck’s cab structure, a truck without a cab is on display in the showroom. It makes it easy for sales staff to show buyers the exact features of a truck and how they work.

“The amount of belief and blind trust it took to set up this center was amazing,” said Hernandez. “It took many, many hours of work. We set this up in only 90 days!”

Hernandez explained that buyers come into the center and already have a task in mind. They have a job to do and need a truck equipped to handle it easily and efficiently. The sales team will address that task with the various options available and help the buyers select a truck that will be a real asset to their business.

“One client need an enclosed work truck and still needed to tow a trailer with additional equipment. We can make custom set-ups for the trades to stow their equipment and supplies,” Hernandez explained. “Buyers that come to us will get less haggling and more caring.”

For more information about Razzari Commercial Truck Center, visit the facility at 1610 W. 16th Street or call (888) 720-3360 for Sales, (209) 354-4111 for Service, or (888) 725-0881 for Parts.

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